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What You Shouldn’t Do After Your Home Sustains Water Damage

11/23/2021 (Permalink)

Round wooden table, concrete wet floor. Concept of water damage in a home. Water damage in a Mineola, TX home.

What You Shouldn't Do If Your House Has Water Damage

When your home in Mineola, TX has been damaged by water, you may be tempted to start repairs immediately without making a thorough assessment of the area. With water in home as a result of a floods, a broken pipe, or clogged lines, you need to know what measurements you should avoid.

1. Enter an Unsafe Home

If your home has been majorly impacted by flooding, structural damage could make your home unsafe to enter. Though you certainly want to stop further damage from occurring in your home, putting yourself at risk by going into your home if it is unsafe is not a risk worth taking. If you don’t know if you should go into your home, be safe and wait.

2. Leave Important Documents

If you know that it’s safe to go into your home after a broken pipe, flood, or other cause has resulted in water damage in your home, you may want to start grabbing items at random to remove them from your home. However, it’s important to prioritize removing documents with personal or sensitive information so they are not damaged or lost. Having these documents can save you time and frustration in the future.

3. Try Cleaning Without the Correct Tools or Equipment

Seeing the damage that water has caused in your home firsthand can leave you wanting to start the cleanup process straight away. Although you should do what you can to remove water from your home quickly, entering your home without wearing water-proof boots or handling items without gloves can be dangerous. Instead of inefficiently cleaning your home and putting yourself at risk due to rushing, take the time to prepare yourself before cleaning.

If you’ve experienced water damage from anything from a broken pipe or flooding, knowing what you shouldn’t do after water damage has occurred is important. To get your home safely cleaned and renewed, speak with water removal professionals.

Key Points To Consider When Purchasing a Smart Smoke Detector

11/18/2021 (Permalink)

intelligent smoke alert on the ceiling A smart smoke alarm is designed to be an effective fire safety device to help avoid fire damage to your home.

Considerations When Buying a Smart Smoke Detector

Smart home features such as thermostats and doorbells are becoming increasingly popular. Some homeowners in Bullard, TX, may also utilize a smart smoke alarm. Although these interactive devices offer numerous convenient and appealing features, it’s important to carefully evaluate your options to ensure a smart smoke detector is a right choice for your home.

Interactive Features

In decades past, a detector that could sense both smoke and carbon monoxide was considered advanced. Today’s smart detectors can interact with other home devices and offer a variety of technological features, such as the following:

  • Ability to transmit an alert to your mobile device if the alarm is triggered
  • Smart touch button allowing you to quickly deactivate false alarms
  • Included nightlight or motion-activated lighting

Each of these capabilities provides useful benefits. However, there are two important considerations that you can assess before purchasing your next smoke alarm.

Cost Comparison

Although budget-friendly options exist, most smart smoke detectors are significantly more expensive than traditional units. You may want to decide what features are most important to you and complete research on available devices before finalizing your purchase to help ensure you obtain the ideal detector for your home and budget.

Compatibility Issues

Not every smart detector may be compatible with every interactive interface. Consider carefully reviewing the details of your desired detector to ensure it’s compatible with your home’s current smart system.

Ensuring Safety

Like a traditional detector, a smart smoke alarm is designed to be an effective fire safety device that may help your family evade a potentially destructive fire. Technological advances have expanded fire alarm capacities, enhancing alert capabilities and the unit’s overall effectiveness. Remote alerts can, for example, warn you of a fire when you are away, helping you quickly request emergency assistance and potentially minimize fire damage and restoration needs. Because of its enhanced usefulness and interactive abilities, a smart smoke detector may be an ideal choice for many homes in Bullard, TX.

4 Fool-Proof Ways To Keep Your Business Safe During a Winter Storm

11/10/2021 (Permalink)

Female watching news Keep an eye on the forecast.

Four Ways To Keep Your Business Safe

Every year, winter storm damage wreaks havoc on businesses in Jacksonville, TX. Your business does not have to be a sitting duck, however. With a bit of preparation, you can increase the chances your business will survive the winter without sustaining significant damage. Here are four fool-proof ways to keep your business safe.

1. Keep an Eye on the Forecast
Winter weather can sneak up on business owners. When the temperature falls, you should pay special attention to the forecast. If a blizzard is on the horizon, sealing windows and doors is a good way to minimize storm damage. Also, planning for snow removal before ice dams have a chance to form helps you keep water damage in check.

2. Watch for Pipe Problems
In frigid winter months, pipes are at increased risk of freezing. If you want to avoid a pipe break, you should think about draining water from your business’s plumbing system before pipes freeze.

3. Remove Debris
High winds, snow and ice are common when a winter storm blows into town. These are not friends of your business’s landscaping or roof. Before winter weather hits, try to clear low-hanging branches from over your business. Also, remove any debris that could accumulate snow and ice.

4. Winterize
Finally, it is difficult to overstate the importance of winterizing your business. If there are parts you only use during warm-weather months, you should pack them up for the winter. Inspecting the premises for signs of weather damage and storing unnecessary equipment is a good idea. Also, plan to leave unused areas clean until the weather warms up again.
If your business sustains winter storm damage, you must work to remediate it as quickly as possible. Often, collaborating with a restoration service in Jacksonville, TX, is your best bet. These professionals have the skill and equipment to return your business to its pre-damage condition in a safe and responsible way.

Using a Fire Extinguisher

11/1/2021 (Permalink)

Man using fire extinguisher to stop fire in a home. Concept of protection and security Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher can assist reduce the potential harm caused by a fire.

How To Use a Fire Extinguisher

There are many scenarios people in Palestine, TX, can find themselves in where there is a need for a fire extinguisher in the house. No matter what the source of a fire in a home is, knowing how to use this device is an essential part of understanding and implementing fire safety and preventing fire damage.

How To Remember Directions for Use

The first thing to remember before trying to put out a fire in the home is to call the fire department. Once the fire department is made aware, a fire extinguisher can be used to attempt to control and eliminate a fire. An easy way to remember how to use an extinguisher is the acronym PASS.

• P – P is for Pull. Pull the pin at the top of the extinguisher. This allows the handle to be squeezed, and also breaks the seal so the extinguisher can work.
• A – A stands for Aim. It is important to remember to aim low toward the bottom of the fire.
• S – The first S in the acronym is for Squeeze. Squeeze the handle, or the trigger.
• S – The second S is for Sweep. Sweep the nozzle from side to side across the bottom of the fire until it is extinguished. If the fire does not go out, or if it starts back up again, then repeat step two through step four.

It is extremely important to remember that evacuation is the number one priority if the fire doesn’t seem to be affected by an extinguisher!

Potential Fire Damages

There are many possible sources for fires in a residential area, including kitchen utilities, outlets, candles, wiring, and many others. Preventing fire damage is key during a residential fire, whether it is from a kitchen fire or from any other source in the house.

Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher can help minimize the potential damage from a fire. In situations where damage does occur, a local restoration company can be contacted to help with cleanup and fixing any damage left behind.

Cleaning Up Your Home After Water Damage

11/1/2021 (Permalink)

wet floor, wooden table, open door The longer standing water remains on the floor, the more damage it can cause.

Water Restoration Process

While water is healthy to drink and useful for cleaning and bathing, it can cause devastating damage if you have to deal with broken pipes. Not only may you lose valuable and sentimental personal belongings before you begin water cleanup, but water damage can also render appliances useless, cause mold to grow and ruin sheetrock and insulation. The restoration process can be long and difficult, but following the five steps listed below can help make the process easier.

1. Remove remaining water. The longer standing water stays in your home, the more damage it can cause. It is important to remove any water as quickly as possible to allow the building to completely dry. Depending on how much water remains in your home, you can use any one of the following items to remove it:

  • Sump pump
  • Trash pump
  • Wet vac
  • Buckets
  • Towels

2. Assess the damage. Once the water has been removed, you can see the extent of the damage. You may have to tear out carpet to remove mold, rip out sheetrock and replace it, and scrub multiple surfaces and materials to get rid of bacteria.

3. Remove mold and damaged materials. If water damage has caused mold to grow, it is important to remove the fungus as soon as possible. Evaporating moisture and treating the area with antifungal spray may help rid your home of mold.

4. Clean non-porous items. After removing any traces of mold, you can begin the final, most time-consuming stages of cleanup. Any items that do not absorb water, such as furniture, counters, toys, or storage containers, that came in contact with the water need to be scrubbed thoroughly with warm water and disinfectant to remove potentially-harmful germs.

5. Clean porous items. Items that may have absorbed water should be cleaned thoroughly to keep them from mildewing. Porous items may include anything from the following list:

  • Curtains
  • Stuffed animals
  • Clothes
  • Bedding

Dealing with water damage in Palestine, TX can be overwhelming, but following these five steps can make water cleanup easier. Broken pipes may be your worst nightmare, but the damage can be repaired with the right tools.

Understanding Content Cleaning Following a Business Flood

11/1/2021 (Permalink)

Keyboard of a computer spilled with water. If your electronics have been damaged by water you should hire water damage professionals.

Content Cleaning After Water Damage

For a business, contents are assets that are inside the property but not part of the building itself. If a flood hits Tyler, TX, these assets often become damaged and typically receive content cleaning in accordance with insurance plans. This cleaning is an essential process for restoring a business to its previously undamaged state.

Is Professional Cleaning Necessary?

There are many reasons to utilize a professional water damage recovery specialist instead of doing the processes yourself:

  • Lack of specialized knowledge required to repair certain items like electronics or upholstery
  • Lack of facilities at most businesses for restoring and detailing damaged items
  • Professional work succeeding the most when done early
  • Insurance coverage makes the cost of restoration affordable

A flood that makes its way inside a building claims a variety of vastly different assets. Most companies will subcontract specialists for the expertise needed to try and restore specific items.

What Does Cleaning Contents Entail?

After authorization is given, an inventory is taken of your business to assess the severity of damage and necessary protocol. Most companies offer two types of content cleaning. There is on-site cleaning to immediately restore less damaged items and off-site cleaning for items that are more extensively damaged and require special tools or repair conditions. Unfortunately, some items, especially porous ones, may need replacement if left in standing black water for an extended time.

Off-site items are typically electronics, clothes, and appliances that were damaged. They are stored in a warehouse where they are cleaned by using industrial machines. Every single item is individually restored, so this process can take some time depending on the severity of the damage.

What Happens Next?

Once every item is restored with content cleaning, your business will receive and relocate them in a now dry and clean building. Operations can resume, and the only flood after that will be of customers or business partners returning to utilize the location that was once unusable.

Business Insurance: Your Saving Grace When Water Damage Sneaks Up

10/4/2021 (Permalink)

Hole in ceiling due to water damage. It is true that commercial disaster insurance can be costly, but the truth is that the cost of coverage is far less than that of remediation.

Water is a lot more damaging than most people give it credit for, and even a minor leak can turn into a costly and time-consuming property issue. When it affects a business, water can destroy important documents, expensive equipment, and office furniture, not to mention the building itself. For this reason, business owners should invest in a sound business policy that covers perils such as water damage.

What To Look for in Your Commercial Insurance Policy

Most commercial insurance policies for water loss cover damages caused by burst or broken pipes and gradual leaks. Unfortunately, many policies contain exclusions, which you want to be aware of so that you can ensure you are covered for the appropriate risks. Some exclusions to look out for include the following:

• Concurrent causation
• Floods
• Backup of sewer or drains
• Water damage from storms

Unfortunately, many business insurance policies require business owners to carry a ride-on policy for each of the four aforementioned perils.

Why It's Worth Your Money To Add Ride-On Policies

While ride-on policies may cost a bit more to purchase, they are well worth the extra cost. Water damage is not limited to the pipes or surrounding areas. If left untreated, water can result in damage to the carpets, inventory, and the overall structure of the building. Moreover, water can result in mold and corrosion, two issues in and of themselves that are costly to remediate. Then there is the cost of water cleanup. Depending on which Palestine, TX, water remediation team you hire and the extent of damage, the cost of cleanup can cost anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars.

It is true that commercial disaster insurance can be costly, but the truth is that the cost of coverage is far less than that of remediation. If your building does happen to be subject to water damage, you will discover that your monthly premiums more than pay for themselves.

When You Need More Than a Sump Pump

10/3/2021 (Permalink)

Black water. Quick water removal will help prevent further damage and increase your chances of salvage and restoration.

Your basement’s sump pump is perfect to keep out excess water in most situations, but it is not a heavy lifter. It can handle a burst pipe or a little rainwater, but it is no match for the problems that come with storm-related flooding in Athens, TX. Here are the top four reasons this equipment fails:

1. Mechanical or design failure. This can include poor installation of the pump and drainage system or just the wrong size pump for your space. Clogs and freezing can also cause mechanical failures.

2. No electricity. When the whole neighborhood loses electricity in a storm, your pump isn’t going to be removing anything until power is restored.

3. Too much water. Water over your knees is too much volume for the average basement pump and drainage system.

4. Debris in the water. A sump pump is easily clogged by the heavy debris and soil that come with storm flooding.

So what do you do when you have a flood and need to remove more than 2 feet of contaminated water from your basement? You really need multiple types of reliable machines to help you remove water fast. Fortunately, that’s one of the many benefits of using a professional restoration company after a storm. They have all the necessary water removing equipment, including:

• Heavy vacuums and pumps for when you need to move a large amount of water. The most powerful of these are mounted on trucks, using long hoses to reach challenging places.

• An industrial-strength trash pump that can handle all the mud, sticks, and rubbish that are hiding in floodwater. Without the interruption of clogs, these play a critical role in speedy water removal.

With truck-mounted equipment and alternative power sources, professional flood mitigators can drive to your home and start the job right away. Quick water removal will help prevent further damage and increase your chances of salvage and restoration.

3 Ways To Say Goodbye To Shower Mold

10/2/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growth in bathroom. When shower mold wants to move into your home in Mineola, TX, send it packing by following the three steps above.

Mold and mildew love warm, damp locations like your bathtub in Mineola, TX. However, you do not share the same loving feelings for shower mold as it does for your tub. Bid farewell to your moldy foe with these three tips below.

1. Use common household supplies to clean mildew. Mildew is an early stage of mold growth that typically grows on smooth surfaces like your shower walls. If you notice a small amount of flat yellow, brown, or black growth in your tub there are steps you can take to eradicate it with supplies you have on hand. Try using a cleaning paste made with baking soda and liquid soap. If that does not work, spray the section with a water and bleach combination. Once dry, scrub and rinse. Alternatively, apply full-strength vinegar and allow to sit for an hour, rinse and dry.

2. Prevent future shower mold from growing. The best solution is often prevention. Use a vinegar spray after a shower to stop mold from growing. Since mold and mildew love humid conditions, use a household dehumidifier. Turn on a fan or open a window in the bathroom to increase ventilation during and after showers. Clean the shower walls more frequently especially if you notice some mildew starting to form.

3. Know when to hire a professional. You should not attempt to remove moldy areas greater than ten square feet, or if the mold from the shower walls extends to ceilings, drywall or flooring. Mold spreads very rapidly and portions may be hidden from sight. A rotting, musty smell may indicate the presence of black mold as well. For these instances, a mold restoration specialist is trained on the proper steps to take to safely and effectively remediate the mold.

When shower mold wants to move into your home in Mineola, TX, send it packing by following the three steps above.

A Breakdown of Mold Remediation Costs

10/1/2021 (Permalink)

Mold on wall. Mold removal can be costly.

There may be many reasons you suspect that your home in Athens, TX, has a mold problem. Perhaps the air quality seems poorer than usual. You may notice a funky, musty odor. You may even have seen something growing on a wall or near a vent that you hadn't noticed there before. Whatever the reason for your suspicions, there will likely be expenses associated with testing and, if necessary, paying for mold removal.

Inspection Costs

The first step to solving the mystery of mold is confirming that it is a problem. You don't need to include the cost of a home testing kit in your remediation budget because those kits are a waste of money and thus you don’t need to buy them. A professional tester can determine several things that a home kit cannot:

• Cause of the problem
• Extent of the problem
• Species of mold present

Another thing a professional inspector can do for you recommends a good mold removal company. Given the inspector's level of expertise and industry connections, it's not surprising that the fees for a few hours of work are usually between $200 and $600.

Remediation Costs

When you hire technicians who specialize in black mold removal, keep in mind the task list they are going to work through to fix your problem. They have to seal off the affected area, remove all items and materials that have mold damage and replace the materials they had removed. The cost of remediation depends mostly on the extent of the damage and where it is located. A small amount of damage in the crawlspace, for example, may cost as little as $500 to fix. Black mold that has infested large portions of several walls and ceilings to the extent that it causes structural damage may cost $30,000.

Mold removal can be costly, especially if the problem goes unchecked long enough that it becomes a huge, widespread problem. Regular inspection and vigilant observation can help keep some of those costs down.