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Storm Preparedness with the ERP Application.

1/22/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm Preparedness with the ERP Application. The ERP ready application.

How do you keep your Building Prepared during a storm?

The SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile (ERP) will help ensure you are “Ready for whatever happens.” In the event of an emergency, the ERP can help minimize business interruption by having an immediate plan of action in place for your facility.

The ERP is a comprehensive document containing critical information about your business, including emergency contacts, shut-off valve locations and priority areas.

Our technicians will be on your doorstep within just a few hours, even if you call in the middle of the night. We work 24/7 and will respond to your problem after hours, on holidays, and the weekends.

Call SERVPRO of Athens / Mineola / Palestine at 903-561-0168 to establish your Emergency Ready Profile! You'll be thankful that you did when the time comes.

How To Identify Black Mold

1/21/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation How To Identify Black Mold Black mold health effects can be more dangerous.

Black mold or stachybotrys is one of over 100,000 different species of mold. This species can be difficult to identify visually, as it is not always black in color. An environmental hygienist should perform a mold inspection and analyze samples to determine which type of mold is growing at a residence in Palestine, TX. Here are several guidelines for assessing the presence of mold.

Locate the Colonies

A homeowner may look for indications of house mold. Keep a few basic guidelines in mind:

  • Do not attempt to cut holes in walls or disturb contents to find hidden mold
  • Avoid touching or otherwise disturbing colonies, as this may release spores
  •  Note moldy odors, which may indicate the presence mold

Mold releases microbial volatile organic compounds during its growth cycle. The musty odor is not necessarily caused by the presence of spores, but by off-gases.

Consider Colors and Growth Patterns

Mold may vary in color at different points in its growth cycle. This is one of the reasons why attempts to visually identify fungi may not be accurate, and a mold inspection is necessary. Stachybotrys may be dark green in color during early stages of growth. This species is also not fuzzy and does not grow in geometrical patterns like some other species.

Hire an Environmental Hygienist

The best way to determine whether mold is present and identify the type of fungus is to have a specialist come to a residence and take samples. Depending on whether mold growth is immediately evident, a hygienist may take air samples to test for signs of mVOCs or spores to cultivate in a petri dish.

A mold inspection is the only way to obtain a definitive answer regarding whether black mold is growing in your home. Look for an environmental hygienist located in Palestine, TX, or schedule a consultation with a full-service mold remediation company.

After Your Home Flood

1/15/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage After Your Home Flood Kitchen supply line burst and flooded the entire home in Jacksonville, TX

After Your Home Flood

No homeowner in Jacksonville, TX, should have to suffer from the disruption caused by water damage for any longer than is absolutely necessary. Get your life back on track with the following tips.

1. Sources of Flooding

Most insurers will not cover damage due to significant negligence. If the source of your standing water problem has gone unaddressed for a long period of time, your policy may not reimburse you for the various damages incurred. Be sure to stay on top of pressing issues such as broken pipes or cracks in the foundation that could allow water into the lower floors.

2. Secure Belongings

Be certain that no sensitive items remain under flood water, as the difficulty of recovering items such as documents and electronics increases as time elapses. Many qualified water damage restoration services specialize in processes such as vacuum freeze-drying and dehumidification to bring your belongings back to their original condition. Your insurer may require that you list any affected items on a comprehensive inventory of your losses and expenses, which will expedite the verification process when they send and adjuster to assess your claim.

3. Safety and Documentation

Remember to never enter a flooded home area for water cleanup purposes until all electrical lines have been disabled at the source. You might also consider some form of contact protection such as a pair of waders or boots, since gray water can host many harmful contaminants. After all water has been pumped from the premises, porous surfaces such as drywall and plywood may need special attention, since these can retain moisture. If you have a sump pump, check that it is in proper working order with no blocked drains or damaged pipes.

With a few simple precautions, the prudent homeowner can avoid many of the problems that typically arise from water damage. Take steps to familiarize yourself with procedures that can save you time and money in the event of a flood.

Trust the Pros With Your Content Cleaning

1/8/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Trust the Pros With Your Content Cleaning Contact a fire damage remediation professional company in Tyler, TX

Even a small fire can leave behind a lot of damage as furnishings absorb moisture from fire hoses and smoke stains settle into the walls. Important documents and equipment may suffer because of the combination of water and chemicals used to put out flames. Heat from the fire can lead to discoloration and scorch marks. Before you bundle everything off to the dry-cleaning center down the street, consider hiring professionals to provide all necessary content cleaning services.

Why Hire Professionals?

What can fire damage remediation professionals do? There are several important benefits to hiring these experts.

  • Technicians conduct an assessment of the damages and work closely with your insurance company.
  • A quick response team will prevent further loss and damage from taking place, such as staining from moisture and mold growth.
  • Fire damage professionals have access to equipment and procedures to save much of your property. They may have their own dry-cleaning and ultrasonic procedures that are specific to the chemical and contaminant exposures caused by fire.

Look for Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification

As you consider your options in Tyler, TX, look for professionals with certification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration. The IICRC sets the industry standard. Certification from this non-profit agency means that the damage remediation company has satisfied educational requirements, is willing to abide by a specific code of ethics, and consistently maintains proof of insurance.

What to Expect During Repairs

Once the assessment has been completed, the technicians will complete an inventory of your property and belongings. In many cases, these professionals are able to return your contents to their pre-fire condition. In some cases, equipment or furnishings may be discarded, but remediation professionals generally get your permission to throw anything out. Some of your belongings may be moved to content storage while other repairs are completed.

After dry-cleaning, re-painting, and other repairs have been completed, remediation professionals will return your furnishings to your business. The work of these professionals can often be completed while you continue to operate your business.

How To Clean Your Home After Water Damage

12/29/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage How To Clean Your Home After Water Damage Drying after water loss in Palestine, TX

Having a Plan Ready For Dealing With Water In Your Home

Your home is your castle. Like with all castle moats, however, your home is at its best when water stays outside. If you have flooding due to a broken pipe or something else, you need a plan for dealing with water in the home.

1. Disconnect Electronic Devices

Water and electronic devices don’t mix. To stay safe and preserve your digital equipment, unplug devices in flooded areas. Be careful to take shock precautions whenever you have wet electronic equipment, though.

2. Remove Standing Water

If you have water in the home, you must act quickly. Generally, the longer standing water sticks around, the more damage you can expect it to do. Pumps can help you efficiently drain water. Note, though, that if your flood is in the basement, your sump pump may not have the capacity to remove all standing water. As such, you may need to add an additional pump or two.

3. Dry Wet Areas

Mold can grow in as few as one or two days. If you don’t completely dry wet areas, you may encourage mold to rapidly spread. As you probably know, eliminating mold without specialized equipment and expertise can be difficult. Consider contracting with a mold remediation service to be sure flooded areas are dry and mold-free.

4. Clean Personal Belongings

After you have removed standing water and addressed mold growth, you can turn your attention to cleaning or dry cleaning personal belongings. Unfortunately, not everything you own is likely to survive the flood. If you need to throw away items, be sure you do so responsibly. Ask a mold technician whether your belongings are salvageable to be sure you aren’t keeping something that may harbor mold spores.

No homeowner in Palestine, TX, wants to have to deal with water in the home. Still, floods are more common than you may think. By knowing how to deal with floodwaters, you can best restore your home to its pre-flood condition.

Can Lightning Start a House Fire? 3 Ways Lightning Can Impact Your Home

12/29/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Can Lightning Start a House Fire? 3 Ways Lightning Can Impact Your Home If you have been a victim of a lightning fire contact clean up specialists in Athens, TX

Lightning is magnificent, intriguing and, unfortunately, potentially destructive. Each year, this natural phenomenon kills nearly 100 people and leads to millions of dollars of property damage. While the natural force of a powerful strike can cause physical damage to your Athens, TX, home, there are numerous other ways it can destroy including causing lightning fires. Here are three of the top ways bolts can cause damage.

What Is Lightning?

It’s is best defined as a high-voltage, natural electrical discharge between a cloud and the ground or within a cloud. Whether you see it or not, the phenomenon accompanies nearly every thunderstorm. It does not, however, make ground contact during every storm. Other interesting facts about it include:

  • It’s about 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It flashes about 40 times a second worldwide
  • A bolt can power a 100-watt light bulb for three months

How It Damages
This phenomenon is powerful and truly awe-inspiring, but still quite dangerous. This is especially true for homeowners, whose homes can have many high points that are attractive to lightning looking to ground. Top threats include:

  • Fire – A lightning fire is easily the biggest threat this phenomenon can pose to your home. The materials that comprise most homes are largely flammable. That means the wood, insulation, siding and other core materials that make up your home can easily ignite. But house fire risk can also come from bolts passing through wiring or pipes.
  • Power Surge - A bolt that travels through your home’s wiring can result in a power surge that can damage anything connected to your home’s electrical system.
  • Shock waves - Bolts can also produce a huge shock wave that can also damage your home. You can’t see the shock wave, but you can hear it – it’s the cause of thunder. This powerful energy can shake free materials like concrete and stone, shatter glass and even create trenches in soil. This leaves windows, foundations, chimneys and more vulnerable to damage.

This natural occurrence is fascinating but also potentially destructive. Consider everything from a rod to a home protection system if you live in a strike-prone area. And if you’ve already been a victim of a lightning fire, make sure to connect with reputed clean up specialists.

Commercial Property Plumbing: Being Proactive and Saving Money

12/29/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Property Plumbing: Being Proactive and Saving Money Our plumbers are ready to go 24/7 for emergencies in your Mineola, TX area

Commercial Property Plumbing

Plumbing problems are one of the most common issues for commercial properties, and depending on insurance coverage, each problem can lead to significant expenses. Fortunately, there is a simple way to reduce the cost of plumbing issues by performing the necessary upkeep your system demands. Therefore, to save money and mitigate risks, follow these four steps.

1. Find a Plumber You Can Trust

Build a relationship with a plumber you can trust. Don’t wait for a crisis to seek assistance. You may even look into a disaster restoration company in the Mineola, TX, area because they specialize in more than fires and floods from a broken pipe. These companies are equipped to handle routine inspections and maintenance issues, and they are essentially a one-stop shop in the event of an emergency.

2. Schedule Routine Maintenance and Inspections

Most plumbing problems occur because of neglect. It is easy to ignore plumbing, especially if everything appears to be working as it should. Unfortunately, basic functionality does not indicate a perfect system, and even brand-new systems may run into hiccups that can turn into thousands of dollars in damage. Be sure to schedule annual inspections and follow the maintenance guidelines provided by manufacturers and recommended by your plumber.

3. Walk Your Property and Test Your Faucets

Additionally, you can perform spot checks throughout your property on a weekly basis. Walk your property and make sure that all faucets are flowing, draining and shutting off correctly. Also, check that all toilets are flushing properly, taking note of any concerns and relaying them to your plumber.

4. Monitor Your Bill

While spot checks and routine maintenance are great preventatives, neither will guarantee permanent functionality. Unfortunately, your water main and other lines can create issues that are not immediately apparent, which is why you should monitor your bill for climbing costs.

Plumbing problems are a nuisance and a commonality for businesses. However, with a plumber you trust and routine inspections, you can reduce your potential costs and risks.

Shocking Facts About Lightning

12/10/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Shocking Facts About Lightning Avoid any contact with water during a thunderstorm

Lightning Safety Tips

Lightning is one of the leading causes of weather-related fatalities. Though the odds of being struck by lightning in a given year are only around 1 in 500,000, some factors can put you at greater risk of being struck. Here are a few lightning safety tips:

Be Aware

Check the forecast before participating in outdoor activities. If it calls for thunderstorms, postpone your trip or activity, or make sure adequate safe shelter is available.

Go Indoors
Remember the phrase, “When thunder roars, go indoors.” Find a safe, enclosed shelter when you hear thunder. Safe shelters include homes, offices, shopping centers, and hard-top vehicles with the windows rolled up.

Avoid Windows, Doors, Porches and Concrete
Do not lie on concrete floors and avoid leaning on concrete walls. Lightning can travel through any metal wires or bars in concrete walls or flooring.

Avoid Water
Do not bathe, shower, wash dishes, or have any other contact with water during a thunderstorm because lightning can travel through a building’s plumbing.

Avoid Electronic Equipment
Do not use computers, laptops, game systems, washers, dryers, stoves, or anything connected to an electrical outlet. Lightning can travel through electrical systems, and radio and television reception systems. Equip homes and offices with whole-house surge protectors to protect appliances.

How Your Solar Panels Will Stand up to a Storm

12/10/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How Your Solar Panels Will Stand up to a Storm Hail in Palestine,TX

Have you decided to join the many others in Palestine, TX, and have gotten solar panels on your roof? These panels provide many benefits, including an environmentally friendly way to generate power in your home. These panels are effective, but you may worry how they’ll stand up to adverse weather. Rest assured that they will continue to do their job and withstand panel damage in just about every weather condition. Here are a few weather situations you may be concerned about.

High Winds

If hurricane-force winds hit your home, there may be some significant roof damage. However, manufacturers put solar panels through thorough and rugged testing to ensure they will hold up in even the strongest of winds. In fact, you may be surprised at how secure the panels are once they are attached to your roof. Here are some surprising facts about solar panels and high winds:

  • Most panels are certified to sustain winds up to 140 mph.
  • Most panels will operate at peak efficiency following hurricanes. 
  • During the strongest storms, even if there is damage to the panels, you will probably only lose a few.


Likewise, when manufacturers build solar panels, they use the strongest, most durable materials to withstand hailstones. In fact, most manufacturers test the panels to continue to work even if stones 1 inch in diameter hit them at up to 50 mph. It is possible for the panels to break but ordinarily only if large hailstones repeatedly hit the same spot.


Large storms will also bring significant rain. Though this might threaten weak roofs, you shouldn’t have to worry about panel damage. Not only will the precipitation not cause harm to the panels, but the solar panels themselves should continue to function properly even during heavy rainstorms. During the daytime hours and when the sunlight shines, your panels should gather enough solar energy to power your home when darkness comes and when rain falls.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait for a Home Insurance Adjuster After Storm Damage

12/10/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait for a Home Insurance Adjuster After Storm Damage Flood damage in Palestine,TX

Don't Wait for a Home Insurance Adjuster After Storm Damage

When flooding impacts Palestine, TX, and damages your home, you may be facing a tangle of problems. From handling ruined carpeting to soaked furniture and other belongings, potential losses may be considerable. If you have flood insurance this may help you cover some of the damage; however, waiting for an agent or an adjuster to come survey your home can cause more problems than it solves, no matter the source of the flooding

1. Mold Can Grow Quickly After a Flood 

Waiting for a flood insurance agent to contact you after a flood can give mold an opportunity to take hold and spread within your home. High humidity, standing water and other factors allows mold to form as soon as 24 hours after a flood, making severe mold damage a definite possibility if you wait more than a few days to file a claim or leave affected rooms untouched for the adjuster to view. Take photos instead and then call in a storm damage and mold remediation company to perform water drainage and prevent the spread of damaging fungi. 

2. Your Insurance Adjuster May Be Overtaxed

When weather causes flood damage, your insurance adjuster may become extremely busy with handling multiple claims and may not be able to get to your home right away. However, waiting for him or her to show before you take any action may lead to structural damage to your home. Perform mitigation if possible and document damage that occurs after the storm so you can update your claim. 

3. Standing Water Can Breed Bacteria 

Outdoor flood waters often contain bacteria that can cause illness. When this water sits in your basement or other rooms of your house, bacteria strains may multiply and increase the chance of illness. Ask your flood damage experts to remove standing water as soon as possible. 

Flooding in Palestine, TX, may require you to contact your flood insurance agent. However, it is wise that you try to prevent the spread of damage while you wait to prevent as much loss as possible.