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Protecting a Business From Fire Damage

8/20/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Protecting a Business From Fire Damage Thought and planning are free endeavors and can go a long way in bringing about the optimal response to a workplace blaze.

Owning a business in Palestine, TX, or anywhere else offers a degree of independence not always found in working for others. Successful entrepreneurs understand and anticipate risks to their livelihood, and many develop fire preparation measures as a plan of action should the need arise.

Prepare for the Worst

A commonsense approach to organizing your business can be summed up with the adage “hope for the best, but plan for the worst.” When it comes to disaster preparation, consider the following:

• Identify the most probable cause for a fire and work to reduce risk. A routine checkup of the electrical system, for instance, is a prudent measure, as is banning smoking on the premises. Flammable materials will require careful storage.
• Determine who might be likely to be vulnerable if a fire breaks out and how to mitigate the danger.
• Practice evacuation procedures on a regular basis and encourage other fire preparation measures by all employees. Training and practice can reduce risk of injury and death.
• Carry sufficient business insurance to cover losses of property and interruption to operations.
• Develop a storage plan for data that includes offsite options to avoid loss of records and files.
• Consider alternate storage options for inventory or equipment if the building that houses them were to become compromised.

It is wise to think about whom to call for cleanup, repair and restoration services before you need them to get the doors reopened without excessive delay. Moreover, maintaining up-to-date lists of inventory and equipment can make it easier to begin the claims process with your insurer.

A proactive stance is likely to put your firm in a better position to respond to fire damage if it should happen. Aside from insurance premiums, fire preparation need not be an expensive proposition. Thought and planning are free endeavors and can go a long way in bringing about the optimal response to a workplace blaze. For more information, visit

Is It Time To Replace Your Supply Line?

8/15/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Is It Time To Replace Your Supply Line? Supply line damage can cause major flooding in your Palestine, TX, home.

You may not think about the plumbing in your house very often. After all, when it is working well, you do not have to think about it. Supply line damage can take years to form or it can happen overnight. As a homeowner in Palestine, TX, you may need to work with a water damage specialist to figure out the best time to replace your bathroom supply line.

Look for Damage

One way you can tell it's time to replace your piping is by looking for signs of a problem. You may be able to tell you have a supply line leak or other issue by checking for the following signs:

• Musty odor
• Low water pressure
• Standing water

Of course, these signs could point to other water-related problems in the bathroom. It may be a good idea to work with a plumber or another professional to inspect your piping.

Consider the Material

As you try to figure out if it is time for a replacement, you need to think about the material of the line. Most supply lines are made of plastic or braided steel. Plastic lines usually last between five and eight years while steel braided lines can last a decade or more. Figuring out whether you have supply line damage requires you to know what type of piping is in your home.

Think About Other Renovations

Have you had to fix a bathroom leak recently? Maybe you replaced an overflowing toilet or redid your bathtub. Either way, recent renovations could have weakened your supply line. It is a good idea to replace this piece of plumbing whenever you do other renovations. The seal that connects to your sink, tub or toilet often cannot be redone when you replace a fixture.

Supply line damage can cause major flooding in your Palestine, TX, home. Knowing when it's time to replace this piece of plumbing can help save you a headache in the future. For more information, visit

Do I Need a Flood Cut for My Water Damaged Commercial Property?

8/15/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Do I Need a Flood Cut for My Water Damaged Commercial Property? Your Palestine, TX, business is worth protecting from flooding, even if it means a little surgery to restore it to how it once was.

When a storm breaks down outdoor protection and finds its way into a commercial property, the drywall may become compromised. The flooding warps the drywall and creates an ideal location for mold to grow. To remedy this, a storm damage restoration service will “flood cut” the drywall. Understanding the appropriate time to do a flood cut allows you to know when it’s the correct choice.

What Merits a Flood Cut?

Flood cuts are the preferred method of repair and containment for situations involving one of a few types of water:

• Clean water stagnated by the drywall for an extended time
• Dirty blackwater with contaminants
• Damaged insulation within the walls
• Suspicion of interior wall damage

Any form of contamination will need a tear out of the wall to validate its structural integrity. Severe flooding may merit repairing the entire section of drywall rather than a sliced section. Clean water damage treated early is often safe from having to do a flood cut in favor of less invasive wall pumps.

Why Even Go With a Flood Cut?

Drywall is porous and easily absorbs water from a flooded floor. Since the bottom of the material is likely where the water entered, it’ll be severed over a foot up above the flood damage’s peak. Without the material in the way, the moisture within the wall can be fully removed. The drywall is then repaired or replaced at the location of the cut.

What Happens If I Deny a Flood Cut?

The interior of the walls is worth letting restoration specialists evaluate if they ask. Mold grows very rapidly. A flood cut early on can become unfeasible later once the drywall crumbles and mold spreads. It’s easy to overlook hidden problems. Ignoring it will leave your business with a moldy odor and more property damage.

Your Palestine, TX, business is worth protecting from flooding, even if it means a little surgery to restore it to how it once was. If the water isn’t clean, the damage is often unseen. For more information, visit

How Your Solar Panels Will Stand up to a Storm

7/22/2018 (Permalink)

Have you decided to join the many others in Palestine, TX, and have gotten solar panels on your roof? These panels provide many benefits, including an environmentally friendly way to generate power in your home. These panels are effective, but you may worry how they’ll stand up to adverse weather. Rest assured that they will continue to do their job and withstand panel damage in just about every weather condition. Here are a few weather situations you may be concerned about.

High Winds.

If hurricane-force winds hit your home, there may be some significant roof damage. However, manufacturers put solar panels through thorough and rugged testing to ensure they will hold up in even the strongest of winds. In fact, you may be surprised at how secure the panels are once they are attached to your roof. Here are some surprising facts about solar panels and high winds:

• Most panels are certified to sustain winds up to 140 mph.
• Most panels will operate at peak efficiency following hurricanes.
• During the strongest storms, even if there is damage to the panels, you will probably only lose a few.


Likewise, when manufacturers build solar panels, they use the strongest, most durable materials to withstand hailstones. In fact, most manufacturers test the panels to continue to work even if stones 1 inch in diameter hit them at up to 50 mph. It is possible for the panels to break but ordinarily only if large hailstones repeatedly hit the same spot.


Large storms will also bring significant rain. Though this might threaten weak roofs, you shouldn’t have to worry about panel damage. Not only will the precipitation not cause harm to the panels, but the solar panels themselves should continue to function properly even during heavy rainstorms. During the daytime hours and when the sunlight shines, your panels should gather enough solar energy to power your home when darkness comes and when rain falls.

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5 Ways To Prevent a Cigarette Fire From Starting in the Home

7/15/2018 (Permalink)

House fires are more common than you’d think. Along with thunderstorms and neglected stoves, cigarettes are one of the leading causes of at-home fires, despite their small size. If you or a household member smokes, here are five things you can do to protect your home and avoid dealing with the fire cleanup process.

1. Smoke Outside.

The best way to prevent a fire within the home is to step outside while smoking. A cigarette fire often starts in the living room or bedroom. While outside, you can be sure that ashes or cigarette butts won’t ignite any flammable objects within your house.

2. Use Sturdy Ashtrays.

If you do decide to smoke inside, be sure to get an ashtray that is deep and sturdy. This will prevent any ash from encountering rugs, magazines, or anything else that could ignite. Another way to prevent ashtray fire is by putting sand in the ashtray to completely put out the cigarette.

3. Don’t Smoke in the Bedroom.

It’s dangerous to smoke in bed because there is a chance that you might fall asleep with a lit cigarette. Mattresses, blankets, and bedding are all very flammable. The bedroom should be a safe place to sleep, not an easy location to start a cigarette fire.

4. Keep Smoking Materials Out of Reach.

Kids are often too curious for their own good. To prevent any accidental fires from starting, stash your cigarettes, matches, and lighters somewhere where they can’t reach.

5. Completely Extinguish Your Cigarette.

If anything, always put out your cigarette completely. If a cigarette butt is still lit while left unattended, it’s easy for it to ignite something flammable close by. You can douse the cigarette in water or sand to help extinguish them.

Keep your home in Palestine, TX, safe by following these five tips when preventing a cigarette fire.

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Preventative Steps for Mold Growth

7/10/2018 (Permalink)

It doesn’t take Florida for humidity to be a threat. When high levels of moisture appear in your business in Palestine, TX, mold may soon follow, creating a myriad of problems that can disrupt business and affect health. Fortunately, the best line of defense against mold growth is mold prevention. Here are three steps to keep mold at bay:

1. Know the Causes. 

Mold spores are a natural occurrence and can be found in most places both outdoors and inside. For the latter of these locations, limiting the opportunity for growth is what can prevent green (and hopefully not black!) décor appearing on your ceilings and walls. Mold requires just four ingredients to thrive:

• Darkness: piping, insulation, cabinets, subflooring, etc.
• Moisture: condensation from high humidity, water damage
• Organic nutrients: dust, dirt, spillage of food or drink
• A surface to grow on

Identifying places within your business that host these four ingredients can play a major role in your mold prevention.

2. Know the Spots.

Most are familiar with the spotty appearance of mold growth. However, before that aesthetic takes over your business, familiarize yourself with the common locations mold can thrive:

• Ceiling tile: Especially those located near the HVAC system, the porous material is easily susceptible to moisture and dirt.
• Carpeting: Spills, leaks and flooding make the carpet as well as the pad and subfloor beneath it a thriving spot for mold.
• HVAC system: The draining pans for accumulated condensation can malfunction, creating an environment of moisture and darkness just right for mold.
• Ductwork: The high levels of moisture during the cooling season can condense and leave ample opportunity for mold. Damaged insulation may have a similar effect.

Regular checks of the HVAC system are vital for mold prevention, as well as maintaining a clean space clear of dust and dampness.

3. Know the Pros.

Professionals in the cleanup and restoration business provide the knowledge, skill and equipment for a thorough inspection and cleaning of your business. Have contact information for a company in Palestine, TX, that can help your business keep mold microscopic.

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Diagnosing Potential Problems With a Noisy Water Heater

6/26/2018 (Permalink)

A properly functioning water heater is one of the most important appliances in the home, especially for residents of Palestine, TX. And just like any other appliance, it’s bound to make noise as it operates. While some of these sounds are normal and should be no cause for alarm, others are early indicators of impending problems that need to be addressed. If yours is making suspicious noises, here are some things to keep in mind.

Identify the Sound.

Try to pinpoint the type of sound you are hearing. While every situation will be unique, certain noises are typically associated with the following common water heater problems:

• When valves are not fully opened, water being forced through the smaller-than-expected opening can lead to what may sound like screeching or screaming.
• If the heating element has become loose, the water flowing around it causes vibrations perceptive as humming.
• Sediment buildup near the heating element can cause popping, rumbling or crackling sounds. This occurs frequently with older units and could mean the tubes need to cleaned or replaced. Performing a water heater flush at least once per year will also help to avoid tank sediment.
• Tapping or ticking noises usually emanate from check valves or heat traps and aren’t generally a cause for concern.

Many of these issues are relatively minor at first but can cause serious problems if not rectified.

Contact a Professional for Emergencies.

If you’re still unsure about the noises you’rehearing, don’t be afraid to call a licensed professional for service. If a major failure has occurred and your tank has ruptured or is leaking, it’s crucial to contact a cleanup and restoration specialist as soon as possible to help eliminate the mess and avoid risk of water damage.

There’s no need to panic if you are hearing strange noises coming from your water heater. Regular maintenance can help to avoid many common problems and there are always licensed professionals available in Palestine, TX, that are ready to help.

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Can the Spring Flood Be Avoided?

6/19/2018 (Permalink)

Is your commercial building often affected by flooding in the spring? As the weather starts to get warmer in Palestine, TX, many properties may see major water problems caused by the thawing ice and snow. While you can't stop the weather from changing, you can take a few steps to mitigate the damage done by the thaw. If your preventative steps aren't enough, you may want to call in a commercial water damage team to deal with the aftermath of the thaw.

• Sump Pumps: Installing a sump pump before the typical spring flood can prepare your lower levels for the oncoming water. This type of pump is designed to stop water from accumulating.
• Landscaping Tips: Did you know your landscaping can actually affect how much water enters your building during the thaw? Make sure your lawn is sloped away from the building to encourage water to flow away and don't store wood near the building.
• Insulation Checks: As the weather heats up and cools down in the early parts of spring, you may have to worry about a frozen pipe problem. If you keep your exterior pipes properly insulated, you may not have to worry about this particular issue.
• Cleaning Methods: Did you know that built up gunk in your gutters and downspouts can encourage a watery mess? Cleaning these areas prior to the warmer spring weather may stop water from flooding out of the gutter system.
• Storage Procedures: You may not be able to stop all water from getting into your building, but you can reduce the damage it can do. Keeping valuable items on high shelves or off the floor may reduce the damage you sustain.

Spring flooding cannot always be avoided, but you can take a few precautionary steps to help reduce your chances of having unexpected amounts of water fill your building. It may be a good idea to take these steps every year.

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3 Tips for Creating a Business Continuity Plan

6/14/2018 (Permalink)

When a flood or other natural disaster causes damage to your Palestine, TX, business, there may be more to worry about than the cost of repairs. One major concern is the loss of business you may face and how to recover once you are ready to reopen. Being prepared for this situation by creating a business continuity plan can be highly effective in preventing the loss of customers and revenue and there are several factors you may want to consider as you develop one.

1. Work Closely With Your Managers .

As you prepare your strategy, working closely with your company’s managers may help you see risks that you may not have considered. It can be helpful to create a questionnaire for them so you can analyze how they believe a disaster like flooding could impact your business. Viewing the situation from different angles may be effective in creating a more comprehensive plan.

2. Create a Time Frame for Recovery.


How quickly you recover from storm damage can have a serious impact on your business, especially when it comes to retaining customers. As you craft the recovery portion of your continuity plan, it is important to consider how preparation might lead to a faster recuperation. For example, having a flood damage and restoration service on call to perform mitigation, tear out and mold remediation jobs may allow for a faster recovery in comparison to hiring these services individually.

3. Form a Recovery Team.

Forming a continuity team to assist you with testing, plan maintenance and viability and other details can prevent you from becoming overwhelmed with this project. Meet with your team at least once a month to analyze your current business continuity strategy and discuss whether any improvements can be made. This may be helpful in keeping your plan current and effective if the worst should happen.

Being prepared with a business continuity plan for your Palestine, TX, business can help you recover faster in case of a disaster. Learn more here to keep your investment protected.

Important Steps To Take After a Partial Loss

5/19/2018 (Permalink)

Your business owner’s policy probably explicitly details the coverage you can expect if a fire breaks out in your building. A partial fire loss, however, should also be covered by your insurance. Fire and smoke damage can affect your business in Palestine, TX, even if the fire occurs somewhere near your property. To receive the compensation you deserve, it is important to complete the following checklist.

1. Have your building inspected. When you file a claim, the insurance company sends an adjuster to inspect the property. Rather than settle for just the adjuster’s assessment, however, consider having restoration specialists conduct an inspection of their own. Professional technicians can assess all the areas of your building with potential fire damage:

• Interior walls, particularly if they border the area affected by the fire
• Plumbing, including pipes and supply lines
• Windows and frames
• HVAC system and air ducts
• Siding or any exterior features
• Roof

Your building may exhibit signs of fire loss even if the fire was in the building next door. Don’t depend solely on your insurance adjuster to note the damage.

2. Start the restoration process quickly. If there is damage to your building, you will need to hire fire restoration technicians to repair it. These repairs cannot wait. Even if you have a partial loss, unchecked damage that starts as a minor issue can become extensive if it is put on the back burner too long. Your insurance policy should pay for your business to be restored to a uniform and consistent appearance in a timely manner.

3. Keep your claim open. Smoke damage does not necessarily manifest at first. For example, the effect heat and smoke have on your landscaping can show up months later as plants eventually die as a result of a nearby fire. An open claim or supplemental claims allow you to ask for compensation.

Area disasters can result in fire loss on your property. Don’t neglect to be diligent just because the loss is partial.

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